Is membership open to companies outside Hong Kong?

FTAHK works with key international partners to foster a more connected global FinTech ecosystem. Our association is global in scope, and membership is open to international businesses and individuals.

Can I attend events if I am not a member?

Most of our events and activities (from committee meetings to educational sessions) are only open to members, there will be some events open to non-members.

How many events does the FTAHK run?

We organise around 3-5 events per month, 60-70 events per calendar year, ranging from committee meetings to monthly networking drinks and flagship events.  

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How to join our slack workspace?

Our member exclusive slack workspace is for receiving news, instant networking and sharing. 


  1. To join, please refer to step 2 in the welcome email.

    The email was sent by FinTech Association of Hong Kong <no-reply@glueup.com> at the time of membership activation.
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How to stay updated about FTAHK's activities?

For non-members:

  • Follow us on LinkedIn
  • Bookmark ftahk.org by pressing Ctrl + D

For members:

  • Ensure you are receiving our eDMs by whitelisting event@ftahk.org in your email settings.
  • Join our slack workspace - See the welcome email sent to you at membership activation.
  • Download the My Glue App

Why become a member?

For Startups and Entrepreneurs:

  • Introductions to investors, accelerators and the wider global fintech community
  • A platform to highlight successes alongside a social and networking hub
  • Education via workshops, meetups and panel discussions

For Corporates and Large Institutions:

  • Access to the breadth and depth of the Hong Kong startup community in one place
  • Collaboration through symbiotic partnership opportunities to collaborate with organisations who share similar goals and/or complementary business models
  • Drive discussions and help influence the regional FinTech landscape together with other thought leaders on one of FTAHK’s many committees

For Individuals

  • Education via workshops, meetups and panel discussions
  • Access to the breadth and depth of the Hong Kong startup community in one place

Who are our members?

Our members come from all walks of the FinTech life, ranging from Individuals to Start Ups, SMEs to Tech Firms, Banks, Insurances and VCs. Whilst most of them are based in Hong Kong we also have a growing number of international ‘FTAHK afficionados’.


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Who is Fintech Association of Hong Kong?

Founded in 2017 by a group of passionate professionals, the FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) operates in principles of not-for-profit and “by the community for the community”. 

FTAHK is dedicated to being the “Voice of Fintech in Hong Kong” by maintaining trusted partnerships across government bodies, regulators, and other industry associations.

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How do I join a committee?

Members have access to all 8 committees, they can pick and choose to participate in activities of their favorite committee, or they can participate in activities of all 8 committees if time allows.

How to become a member of the board?

A board director is elected by members at the Annual General Meeting ("AGM"). Every FTAHK member is eligible to self-nominate to become a candidate for election.

The directorship has a two-year term, and a two terms limit. Upon the end of the first term, the outgoing director is eligible to be reelected at the AGM.

How to collaborate with FTAHK?

The easiest way to collaborate with FTAHK is to become a member. Members are encouraged to take an active role in the association, contribute to knowledge sharing and advocacy works.


As a company:

Our co-branded event sponsorship offers corporate members a way to co-host events with FTAHK. This end-to-end event solution is a catalyst for achieving your marketing goals, by leveraging on the power of FTAHK's network and its trusted reputation on thought leadership.

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How to lodge a complaint?

If you wish to file a complaint against our staffs or a member of the leadership team, please submit your message on our complaint page. 

Your complaint will be sent to the Chair and the General Manager (Our Team), and be treated with strict confidentiality.

For general enquiries, please see our FAQ

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